LightQuest: Your Journey To Legendary Lighting
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Over 20 Years Of Experience


National Award-winning Designer

Mike Long, Owner of LightQuest Outdoor Lighting, is a certified landscape lighting designer, national award-winning designer, and graduate of the International Landscape Lighting Institute.


Mike LongOwner, Lighting Xpert

With knowledge in the industry, Mike offers excellent prices and superior customer service, better than what you’re used to!

Custom Lighting


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Designed For You

Fully-customized Lighting

We Design Your Lighting

Your home, lit properly by LightQuest, will take on a subtle, magical beauty that will “wow” onlookers and give you a warm, welcoming feeling every time you return to it. The architectural details and landscape elements that you cherish will be enhanced and come to life.

We Wire Your Lighting

Along with our ability to design your landscape lighting for your needs, we also offer expert wiring of your lighting. Safety for you and your family is our top priority and we ensure that our wiring will not short-circuit in the rain, get damaged by lawn mowers, or any other situation.

We Install Your Lighting

LightQuest offers complete outdoor landscape lighting solutions for your yard in Kenosha, Racine, and the surrounding areas. Every one of our lighting projects are unique and designed to fit your outdoor space. Once we’re finished, your yard will truly become the shining beacon of your neighborhood.

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