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Outdoor Accent Lighting

Highlight Your Area

Looking to add outdoor accent lighting to your home and/or landscape to up your curb appeal and presentation? LightQuest offers complete outdoor landscape lighting solutions for your home and property. Every one of our lighting projects is unique and designed to fit your outdoor space, including taking all of your architecture and landscaping features into account.

Put Your Decor In The Spotlight

From spotlighting trees to highlighting paths, our landscape lighting is designed for both form and function. Engineered for all-weather performance, our accent lighting service will add beauty and safety to your outdoor spaces all year long.

Enjoy The Beauty of Your Landscape & Architecture

You’ve worked hard to make your home and garden look so attractive. Don’t let the neighborhood miss out on your lovely landscape when the sun goes down. Accent lighting will bring life to your home at night and bring warmth to your outdoor living.

Servicing Kenosha, Racine, Pleasant Prairie, and northern Illinois, LightQuest is ready to customize your landscape lighting for you. Give us your budget and we’ll give you a functional, beautiful landscape lighting setup for your outdoor space that you will enjoy for years to come!

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