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Color-Changing Bulbs

Wondering if you can add color-changing bulbs to your landscape lighting?

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Adding lights to your outdoor landscape can create a transformative aesthetic on its own. Adding color to those lights can create a completely different design dimension that expands creative possibilities to match your mood or even your celebration. If you’re going to invest in outdoor lighting then you want to have lighting that is as accommodating and complementary to your tastes as possible. Color-changing bulbs use RGB diodes to create a variety of color patterns that can be adjusted almost instantaneously; if you are in the mood for plain, white light, then you can just go back to the original illumination! If you’re looking to add a new flavor to your outdoor landscape, this guide will provide a little more background on how color-changing bulbs can bring some color to your life.

What are RGB diodes?

The core technology responsible for color-changing bulbs is RGB diodes. RGB, standing for red, green, and blue, are diodes that can be intermingled to create any color possibility. All color-changing bulbs feature RGB diodes in order to create different color spectra that can be changed based on your color preferences and which can accommodate a variety of color displays.

How do color-changing bulbs work? 

In order to control the RGB diodes responsible for making color-changing bulbs work, microcontrollers regulate which diodes are activated and at what intensity. To keep it simple, microcontrollers are very small computers embedded in the bulbs themselves that can control digital inputs and regulate how the RGB diodes are functioning. This digital control means that modern color-changing bulbs can also be synced with a variety of interfaces, including wifi, Bluetooth, and even apps. Ultimately, color-changing bulbs provide the ability to have constant and consistent control over the intensity and type of illumination these bulbs emit.

What are the benefits of color-changing bulbs?

To some people, color-changing bulbs sound like a gimmick but, color-changing bulbs create many design possibilities and can even compensate for other design features.

Seasonal/ Celebratory lighting

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Although stringing lights for the holidays or setting up decorative lanterns for summer gatherings may be a sign of the season, others may find it to be a chore. With color-changing bulbs, you can create seasonally-colored themes just by adjusting the color display. Red and green bulbs can create winter cheer, while orange or yellow lights can provide a soft glow for summer evenings. Color-changing bulbs can help you create the perfect effect to celebrate a collegiate going-away party by projecting your child’s school colors or you can create the perfect light-blue illumination to complement lights positioned around the pool deck. Color-changing bulbs contain a world of possibilities at your fingertips without having to constantly install lighting to match the occasion.


Improve mood

Colors have been shown to have an influence on our mood, which should be no surprise when we think of passionate reds, sobering blacks, and promising greens (among other hues). Just as you can change the colors of your light display to pair with various seasonal occasions, color-changing bulbs can help you create a mood-enhancing light display any time of the year. In a similar vein, color-changing lights allow you to illuminate specific features of your yard in a different hue, such as trees, buildings, or various sides of your home, to create an enhanced appearance that changes the impression of your home. Given the digital foundation of color-changing bulbs, you don’t have to settle for the same-old illumination every day.

Improve security

One of the many functions of exterior lighting is to improve the security of your home, and with color-changing bulbs, you can create a different approach to keeping your home secure. Constantly changing the color projected from your bulbs can create the appearance of your home being constantly inhabited whether you’re home or away. With color-changing bulbs, you can add an extra dimension of security without having to increase your security profile

Increase curb appeal

If color-changing bulbs increase the appeal of your home to you, then it’s highly likely it will have the same effect on others. If you’re looking for a quick-and-easy way to increase your home’s curb appeal, using color-changing bulbs can create a new dimension to your outdoor display that makes your home look more inviting and dynamic. With minimal investment, color-changing bulbs can embellish the charming characteristics of your home without investing in elaborate additions or renovations.

landscape lighting in lake bluff, landscape lighting in spring grove, landscape lighting kenoshaThe Color changing bulbs we use

When we install our landscape lighting designs, we use the best technology. That’s why we use Haven Lighting as our landscape lighting supplier for color-changing bulbs. Haven Lighting’s light displays offer the ultimate in control and creativity while making the systems as functional as possible. You can choose from uplighting, downlighting, or torch displays to project your color-changing bulbs. Lighting systems can be synchronized to change at scheduled times or you can create color displays that you wish to project on a continuous basis. Our installations also allow us to control your lighting system on your behalf. Within a few minutes, you can have a completely different display to create a new and exciting upgrade for your home’s exterior

Choose the right landscape lighting for you

We recommend switching your landscape lighting bulbs to color-changing bulbs because it creates an expanded level of control for your home’s landscape lighting system. Best of all, if you don’t wish to use color-changing bulbs all the time, you can always default to projecting standard, white light. If you’re looking to create the perfect landscape lighting display that features color-changing bulbs or you just want more information on how to improve your lighting system, please contact us so we can get started on installing the perfect landscape lighting system for you. While you may have seen the light when it comes to landscape lighting, there’s always room for some color.

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