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How Does Landscape Lighting Work?

“How does landscape lighting work?” It’s a question that we’ve been asked countless times. To begin with, you’ll want to learn more about low voltage landscape lighting here!

Once you’ve brushed up on your knowledge of low voltage landscape lighting and understand the different components involved, let’s discuss just how landscape lighting works! 

Wondering just how does landscape lighting work?

So, you’ve worked hard to make your house and yard look amazing, but why let that hard work go by the wayside at night?! With the flick of a switch (or without if you have a timer installed) and strategically-placed landscape lights, you can highlight your home’s architectural features and display your prized landscaping in its best light! Most landscape lighting installed today is low voltage. Why? Well, unlike 120-volt systems, low voltage lighting is safer to work with and can be less costly to install. Low voltage lights receive one-tenth of the power (courtesy of a step-down transformer), and yet, there’s no limit to the effects they can achieve when lighting your home!

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DIY Landscape Lighting or Hire A Professional?

The choice is yours! Although you can purchase all of the components yourself and install them over a weekend, your chances of making a mistake are rather high! If you fail to consider all of the lights and their wattage when planning and designing your system, you may find that your system doesn’t work when you’re finished. What’s more, when you have a landscape lighting professional like Mike’s Landscape Lighting install your system, your project is in good hands! We know ALL of the components that are out there. Beyond that, we’ll work with you and LISTEN to your vision for your outdoor lighting project and can get you the look that you’re seeking! Finally, when you work with Mike’s Landscape Lighting, you are working with ARTISTS in the field. With countless installations under our belt, we know what works best for any landscaping application and have an eye for discovering the best lighting solution for your home’s architecture.

Ready to get started with a professional landscape lighting company? Contact us today! We would be happy to help you plan and install your new landscape lighting system!

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