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How Far Can Landscape Lighting Wire Go?

How far can landscape lighting wire go? You have come to the right place! Mike’s Landscape Lighting knows landscape lighting and low-voltage wiring inside and out! When first considering the idea of adding landscape lighting to your space, you may wonder how the wiring process will look. No need to stress! We have a team of experts with tons of knowledge about what is best for your landscape lighting. The average length for landscaping wire is about 100 feet, however, this can be affected by many factors such as wire size, the wattage of lights, and more.

Now That You Know How Far Landscape Lighting Can Go, Now What?!

With every landscape lighting project that Mike’s Landscape Lighting completes, we notice a different and unique aspect to each. With that said, many factors come into play when thinking of how to optimize your space and the best way to install landscape lighting in your space. Let our specialists handle it! Give us a call at (262) 358-9100 today and we would be happy to meet with you and discuss your needs.

If you want to begin your landscape lighting planning and installation process or need other simple wiring questions answered, contact us today!



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