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Landscape Lighting Maintenance Through Winter and Storms

Congratulations! You have invested in gorgeous, functional outdoor landscape lighting. Choosing the right professionals for design and installation means you now have a safe and long-lasting asset to your home. Even top-tier outdoor lighting, such as that provided by Mike’s Landscape Lighting, requires occasional attention and maintenance from the homeowner. This is particularly true throughout the harsh winters and storms of the Midwest. Here are some of our best tips to keep your lighting system in top shape.

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Tips

Landscape Lighting Maintenance Through Winter and Storms, landscape light maintenanceWe recommend inspecting your light bulbs regularly. Throughout the year, grass clippings, pollen, mud, and salt can build up on bulbs and lenses. This is unsightly and can hinder the optimal glow of your lights. In the warmer months, simply spray the bulbs with your garden hose to clean them. You can also use a soft microfiber cloth or lint-free towel to gently rub away any stubborn residue. When the snow starts falling, clear light snow gently with a broom. Be sure to regularly switch out any dead bulbs; this may happen more frequently in winter as extreme temperatures and snowy or icy conditions can reduce the lifespan of lights. Winter also brings earlier sunsets, meaning your landscape lights are used longer and harder each day. Fresh, functioning bulbs create a better and safer ambiance. When LED bulbs burn out, the remaining lights in the same system take on increased voltage, which, left unattended, may cause them to burn out prematurely as well. 

It is also important to check for moisture contamination of lighting systems after storms or in the winter months. A steady supply of heavy rain, big snow accumulation, or cycles of freezing and thawing ice can allow water to trickle into outlets and trip them up. Ensure any outlet covers are securely closed and if water does trip the system, simply hit the “reset” button for that particular outlet. You may wipe any residual condensation with a dry, soft cloth. If a cover is damaged or leaking, replace it promptly to avoid future issues.

Monitor the position of all wiring regularly. The pressure and drifting of heavy snow are capable of rearranging wires and cords. Make sure to identify the position of snow-buried cords or wires prior to running a snowplow or snowblower or using sharp shovels in the area. Weather shifts resulting in ground expansion and contraction can also bring once-buried lines to the ground surface. Check these lines for any damage, then carefully return them to their underground position. If you find any damaged lines, call your professionalmaintenance, winter landscape lighting maintenance installation company or an electrician to safely fix them.

Trust the Experts for Landscape Lighting Maintenance

You can trust that Mike’s Landscape Lighting designs and installs your outdoor lighting with safety and longevity in mind. We utilize low-voltage, LED lights optimized to withstand any weather extremes. Our team of professionals creates safe, sturdy lighting elements that require minimal care for our happy clients. Our attention to detail will keep your landscape glowing and maintained throughout any weather. Contact us today when you’re ready to take the next step in your landscape lighting installation and maintenance.

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