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Outdoor Lighting Connectors

When it comes to outdoor lighting, having a reliable and safe electrical connection is crucial. With exposure to the elements, including rain, snow, and high humidity, it’s important to use waterproof connectors that can withstand the outdoor environment. In this post, we’ll explore the different types of waterproof connectors available for outdoor lighting and why good connections are so important.

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Types of waterproof connectors

    Screw-on connectors

Screw-on connectors are a common type of waterproof connector for outdoor lighting. They feature a screw-on cap that provides a watertight seal. They are easy to install and are commonly used in landscape lighting systems. These connectors are also known as wire nuts or twist-on wire connectors. Mike’s Landscape Lighting does not use these connectors as they are not as reliable as some of the other options. 

    Gel-filled connectors

Gel-filled connectors are another type of waterproof connector for outdoor lighting. They are filled with a gel substance that provides a waterproof seal. They are ideal for use in harsh outdoor environments where moisture and dirt can be a problem. The gel also helps to prevent corrosion on the connection. Mike’s Landscape Lighting does use these as our main connector. These gel-filled connectors have been used for decades and are proven to last a long time if installed correctly. 

    Crimp connectors

Crimp connectors are designed to be crimped onto the wire, providing a secure connection that is resistant to moisture and corrosion. They are commonly used in marine and automotive applications due to their high resistance to harsh environments. Crimp connectors are another favorite of Mike’s Landscape Lighting. These provide a nice, clean, and neat look when installing anything above ground. 

    Twist-lock connectors

Twist-lock connectors feature a twist-lock mechanism that provides a secure and watertight seal. They are commonly used in underwater lighting systems and other applications where water is present. The locking mechanism ensures that the connection remains secure, even when exposed to high water pressure. Mike’s Landscape Lighting does not use these as there are better options for this. 

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A poor connection can create a fire hazard or cause an electrical shock. Outdoor lighting systems are typically powered by low-voltage electricity, which can still be dangerous if not handled properly. Using waterproof connectors that are properly installed can help prevent these types of accidents.


A loose or corroded connection can cause a voltage drop, which can lead to dimming or flickering lights. This can be especially noticeable in outdoor lighting systems, where the brightness of the lights can make a big difference in the appearance of the area.


A good connection will prevent moisture and dirt from entering the system, which can prolong the life of the components. Moisture and dirt can cause corrosion on the connections, which can lead to failure of the system over time.


Good connections are required by electrical codes and regulations to ensure the safety of the installation. Using waterproof connectors that are designed for outdoor use can help ensure that the installation is up to code.

Using waterproof connectors is essential for outdoor lighting systems. With the variety of options available, it’s important to choose the right connector for the application. Screw-on connectors, gel-filled connectors, crimp connectors, and twist-lock connectors are all viable options for outdoor lighting systems. By using a reliable and secure connection, you can ensure the safety, performance, and longevity of your outdoor lighting system.

Mike’s Landscape Lighting takes pride in what we do. We have two certified Low Voltage Lighting Technicians on staff. Those two technicians designed and provide the training for the rest of the staff to make sure your installation is done correctly and will last a long time. When you’re ready for expert outdoor lighting installation, contact Mike’s Landscape Lighting today!

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