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The Different Styles of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

There are a variety of different styles of landscape lighting fixtures, and each has its own preferred application. Overall, it really depends on what features you’re looking for and what parts of your landscaping you want to display. Below, we discuss the different types of fixtures and common uses to help you understand and start planning your landscape lighting display. When you’re ready for a more hands-on approach, contact us to get started!

8 Common Styles of Landscape Lighting Fixtures

  1. Spotlights – Some other names for spotlights include uplights, directional lights, bullets, and downlights. Spotlights are extremely adaptable landscape lighting fixtures, as they can accommodate a wide range of bulbs, beam widths, and wattages. One of the most typical applications for these lighting fixtures is to illuminate trees. Some of the most common landscape lighting spotlight techniques include highlighting, silhouetting, shadowing, grazing, moonlighting, etc.
  2. Pathway Lights & Area Lights – The light from pathway lights is directed down and to the side of the fixture, lighting up pathways and walkways. Area lights similarly direct light downward, but they illuminate the entire area surrounding the fixture. They can be used to illuminate pathways, but they can also be utilized to draw attention to other aspects of the house, such as a garden bed. Because they are more noticeable, we suggest choosing an aesthetically beautiful pathway light or area light.
  3. Floodlights – Installing floodlights is a terrific method to provide security and illuminate your yard at night. Although spotlights can be used as floodlights, they were not designed for this purpose. Floodlights are typically brighter and have a wider beam angle than spotlights. They’re frequently employed in commercial or 120-volt applications.
  4. Wall Wash Lights – This style of floodlight is designed to produce somewhat equal illumination across a large area. They are employed in any situation where a full illumination of a surface is desired rather than an oval or wedge-shaped illumination.
  5. Well Lights – Also known as in-grade lights, well lights are defined as any fixture made and installed so that the majority of the fixture is below ground (grade). They’re often employed in applications where the fixture needs to be in a grassy area (so lawn mowers can pass over it) or in hardscape applications where foot or vehicular traffic will pass over it.  Another reason to utilize well lights is when the light beam needs to start extremely close to the ground.
  6. Deck Lights – Most deck lights are intended to attach to posts as most decks are located close to railings. They can also be used to decorate the sides of surrounding structures and stairwells.
  7. Step Lights – Steps consist of two main parts – treads (the flat piece that is stepped on) and risers (the vertical pieces attached the back of each tread). Step lights are often illuminated by fixtures mounted on the risers or fixtures mounted to sidewalls. Often, the same fixtures used for deck lighting can be used for step lights.
  8. Hardscape Lights – Landscape features comprised of stones, bricks, tiles, or other hard materials are referred to as hardscapes. Patios, pathways, roads, stairs, walls, and outdoor kitchens or fireplaces are the most typical hardscapes. Hardscape lights that attach to the underside of capstones and overhangs are the most common type. They’re simple to conceal and provide soft lighting for the hardscape surfaces.

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