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Upgrade Your Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting

There are many practical reasons to light up your home. Additionally, you can instantly upgrade your curb appeal with landscape lighting! Installing the appropriate amount and type of lighting will set your house apart from others with a touch of elegance and class. Some homeowners choose to add lighting to their property without the expertise and guidance of a landscape lighting designer and end up with lighting that doesn’t do their property justice. Let the experts at Mike’s Landscape Lighting help you through the many lighting and design options to find the best design to properly highlight the architectural beauty of your home and landscape and, also, increase your curb appeal.

How outdoor lighting transforms your curb appeal

Upgrade Your Curb Appeal with Landscape Lighting, landscape lighting in illinois

It’s a well-known fact that landscaping lighting can be used to provide the desired amount of light outside to illuminate parts of your home and yard. Not only does this have a completely practical use for seeing essential areas of your home in the dark, but it also helps with basic security. Over the years, lighting techniques have changed and improved for the better. Until recently, the addition of LED lighting has refreshed this aspect, making outdoor lighting highly affordable.

LED light systems also allow an incredible lifespan that lessens the need to replace light bulbs or outdoor light fixtures often. LED lights also allow for colors to change with programmable shades being created. Even the level of light and intensity is easy to manage! Perhaps the best aspect of LED lighting systems is that they are suitable for all weather conditions, which is perfect for those Midwest winters.

Still, landscape lighting offers even more options than just security. You can easily upgrade your curb appeal with landscape lighting. Landscape lighting professionals can use light to bring out visual illumination onto virtually any part of a house or property. But if you’re wondering what else great lighting can do for your home, here are the top benefits you can expect:

  • Boosting property value

Just as indoor lighting is as important to add intended value to the decor of any room, interior designers rely on decorative lighting to complete a room’s design. Adding outdoor lighting helps to make your home appealing and inviting. It can also help to set a standard to preserve the overall value of houses in a neighborhood. This form of curb appeal will showcase the exterior beauty that your home deserves.

  • Increasing landscaping safety

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It’s one thing to add lighting for safety along walkways and steps, but these lights provide adequate visibility to areas around your property that could result in a fall if they’re not properly lit. This will be especially important around pools, ponds, and any area where you or your house guests may be walking outside.

  • Showing off your home’s beauty

In the daytime, your home will take on natural shadows from the sunlight that change all throughout the day. At night, outdoor lighting can be designed to show off parts of your home, helping to enhance nearly any kind of look that is possible. Thanks to improved lighting fixtures that can flood certain areas, you can also use special spotlights to frame highlighted areas too. This can visually create nighttime beauty that daylight just doesn’t replicate.

  • Boosting home security

Another interesting feature of outdoor lighting is certainly to increase the presence of home security. No would-be burglar wants to be seen so easily and will avoid areas where there is plenty of light. In many cases, adding lights in areas that could be considered weak spots for a break-in, these lights will act as a deterrent to anyone who might try to sneak into darkened spots around your 


  • Home insurance benefits

Many homeowners with insurance can enjoy policy discounts and insurance credits for adding exterior lighting. This is always subject to each insurance company, however, the idea behind this is that it adds value to your home that directly relates to home security. Just like any other home improvement to increase the value of a property, homeowner insurance policies do provide these extra benefits for their customers.

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  • Added comfort outside

Just adding lights outside is helping to encourage you and your family to spend more time outdoors. Adding lighting to an outdoor space, like in a patio area or outdoor kitchen and barbecue, essentially doubles the time you can spend in your favorite outdoor spot. Many new studies have even shown that certain LED lights help reduce outdoor insects that would be annoying under regular incandescent lights. This is an absolute plus for outdoor parties and evening events.

  • Plenty of design lighting options

No matter what kind of home you live in, some design styles simply won’t match or are hard to make work. You might be looking for specific types of light fixtures that match older home architectures and colors that aren’t found at your local home improvement center. You may also be looking for modern and trendy lighting that is used to illuminate walkways and steps. Outdoor lighting isn’t restricted to certain style limitations. A landscape lighting professional can help find the lighting style you desire for your outdoor space, regardless of the home style.

Do you need more inspiration?

Here at Mike’s Landscape Lighting, our experienced lighting designers can answer any questions you may have and provide plenty of tips and ideas for adding lighting anywhere outdoors with consideration for weather conditions.

We’re in the business of enhancing curb appeal to any home. When it comes to lighting solutions, no job is too big or too small. 

So don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule a design consultation. We’re happy to help upgrade your curb appeal with landscape lighting!

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