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What Are the Best Outdoor Speakers For My Pool?

Wondering what the best speakers are for your pool outside? Be sure to start by checking out more about our outdoor audio speakers! Here at Mike’s Landscape Lighting, we are excited to help elevate your outdoor pool area right in time for the Summer!

The Best Outdoor Speakers for your Pool

Summertime is around the corner, and your outdoor pool wants to be the entertainment place of the season! Want to upgrade that space to give everyone a Summer they won’t forget? Check out our best outdoor speakers at Mike’s Landscape Lighting. We have an SR 2-125 DSP Amplifier that has been made to compliment our SONARRAY SR1 landscape speaker system. This will provide you the clearest and surround sound speakers for your pool area! We have the option to totally immerse your outdoor space by professionally placing these satellite speakers around the perimeter of the pool to ensure a blanket of audio to not disturb neighbors but still give an allusion of full sound to your liking!

How This Would Upgrade Your Outdoor Pool

Who doesn’t love the idea of relaxing by the pool while listening to some music? This Summer let your friends and family have your pool be their go-to place! Not only would they enjoy great entertainment and quality time, but get surround sound due to our professional speakers. We give you multiple options for outdoor audio speakers for your space! All of our sound systems are sleek, modern, and won’t be noticeable to any guests! Your guests will wonder where the sound is coming from that allows them to still hear everything so clearly! Your neighbors will wonder how they can’t hear a thing from their home, but notice you all having a blast. If you are unsure, enjoy a complimentary high-performance audio demo in your outdoor pool space to hear for yourself.  Contact us today for a demo!

Ready to get started on your outdoor pool speakers with professionals? Contact us today! We would be happy to help you plan and install your new speaker system!

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