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What questions should I ask my outdoor lighting designer?

Lighting Designer Q&A

mike's landscape lighting, lighting team, landscape lighting professionals near meIf you are working with an outdoor lighting designer, here are some questions you might consider asking:

  1. Q: Can you show me some examples of your past work?

A: Mike’s Landscape Lighting will bring along a portfolio book to show you examples of all the different lighting techniques we use. We have installed lighting systems on hundreds of homes, maybe even one in your neighborhood.

  1. Q: What is your process for designing outdoor lighting?

A:  The process we use at Mike’s Landscape Lighting to design your outdoor lighting system is to listen. We will walk the property with you and listen to your needs and wants. We will then give you some examples to accomplish these needs and wants and show you examples of each. We will then take that information to design and draw your property and complete a proposal for your custom lighting design. Click this (LINK) to see our YouTube video on the appointment process. 

  1. Q: How will you consider the landscape and architecture of my property when designing the lighting?

A: We love to accentuate architecture and plants. These are the kind of things that get us excited! We are lighting geeks, and we hope it shows.

  1. Q: How will you incorporate my preferences and ideas into the design?

A: As we described in question #2, we will walk around the property with you and listen to why you need lighting.

  1. Q: Can you explain the different types of lighting fixtures and technologies that you recommend using for outdoor lighting?

A: Mike’s Landscape Lighting invests a lot of time and money in keeping up with new technologies in lighting and practicing different techniques. Mike Long is a Certified Outdoor Lighting Designer and now he is a mentor and teacher in that program. 

  1. Q: How long will the installation process take, and what will be involved?

A: A typical landscape lighting system can be installed in one day. We have a YouTube video that explains what is involved with this process See the video here (LINK)landscape lighting company in kenosha, landscape lighting company in pleasant prairie

  1. Q: Will you provide ongoing maintenance services for the lighting system?

A: Mike’s Landscape Lighting encourages our clients to participate in our maintenance program. We offer as little as one visit per year and up to as many as your property will need. The number of times needed is usually based on the number of plants around fixtures and how the property is used. You have invested a good amount of money in your lighting system and maintenance will keep it looking like new. 

  1. Q: What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer for your work?

A: We offer a one-year workmanship warranty on our mid-grade fixtures and a two-year workmanship warranty on our premium-grade fixtures. Manufacturer warranties go from a 6-year to a lifetime warranty on the product. We also offer a company guarantee which is: we are not happy until you are happy. We will work with you to make sure you love your new lights! 

These questions should give you a good sense of the designer’s experience, approach, and cost structure, and help you make an informed decision about whether to move forward with the project. Please click this (LINK) to get the process started for your custom-designed lighting system.

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