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Want to prepare your outdoor space for summer? Looking to make your home THE place to be? What better way to do so than to choose LightQuest and complete an outdoor audio installation in Brookfield?

For over two decades, the professionals at LightQuest have been servicing Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois, completing countless outdoor audio and lighting installation projects! With all of that experience has come a reputation of excellence, and we maintain that by prioritizing customer service. We always use the highest quality products to leave you happy with a system that’s built to last.

We are excited at the opportunity to help you achieve your dream outdoor space. Contact us today to begin your project and check out our Facebook page to see our most recent outdoor audio installation in Brookfield!

Features & Benefits
  • Superior sound quality with a one-piece enclosure, custom drivers, and high-quality component crossover.

  • Large driver radiating area and enclosure volume delivering unmatched power handling, efficiency, SPL, dynamics, and wide frequency response.

  • Large speaker performance and specialized mounts for above ground and direct burial applications.

  • Ellipse Bollards feature a sloped baffle that time aligns the woofer and tweeter for seamless, natural sound.

  • Pivoting tweeter for optimizing sound dispersion towards the listening area.

  • Absence of flat parallel sides dramatically reduces internal standing waves.

  • Multi-layer environmental grill for an additional layer of protection.

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Proudly Offering

Outdoor Audio Systems

Set the Tone for the Summer

Get excited about your project! Before we begin installing your audio system, we will provide you with a complimentary high-performance audio demo in your own backyard so you can see just how big of a difference LightQuest outdoor speakers make. Reach out to us today for an audio show and to get started on your outdoor audio installation in Brookfield!

Your Backyard, Elevated


Outdoor speakers like the SR1 system fully immerse outdoor spaces in perfectly balanced sound by strategically placing eight satellite speakers and a buried subwoofer around the perimeter while being hidden amongst the landscape. This optimized system approach results in breathtaking performance, and a perfect blanket of audio that does not disturb the neighbors.

Encompassing Sound That Vanishes Into Its Surroundings

The SR 2-125 DSP Amplifier has been engineered as the perfect compliment to the SONARRAY SR1 landscape speaker system. The 125-watt stereo amplifier contains 20 DSP presets that allow your system to be perfectly tuned to your outdoor area. Whether your backyard is hardscape or softscape, the amplifier presets optimize the best sound and performance of the SR1 system for your outdoor environment. The SR 2-125 includes multiple inputs enabling you to use multiple sources and streaming music devices.

In backyards and patios, the SR1’s system of satellites and subwoofer, coupled with the SR 2-125 Amplifier, creates crystal clear audio emanating from everywhere, and raises the bar on affordable outdoor audio.

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